Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

You will accept these rules with creating profile in the MoreAndMost. We may request you to accept supplemental terms, due to the fact that an extensive variety of Services are provided by MoreAndMost.com.

1. Privacy of moreandmost.com

The privacy of individuals is for sure very important to us. Your pictures and comments will be shown to people all over the world to find the best of them and people will arrange your items. You should be careful about your information due to the fact that you would connect to internet and hackers might steal your Device information and Information of payments. If you face with them and need help about our website, contact us.

2. Sharing your pictures and Information:

You own all of the information and pictures you post on MoreAndMost, and you can delete or edit some of them, if you want. In addition:

1. Intellectual property rights cover content, like videos and pictures (IP content), following permission is given to us by you, subject to your privacy, and you permit us a non-exclusive, exchangeable, licensable, royalty-free, global license to use any IP content. You cannot delete your account because you might have some international survey. You can delete some of your post. When you delete your information, we cannot recovery them. Therefore, be careful about removing information and pictures.

2. You permit us to access our information and content just like individuals sharing with you their content and information

3. When publishing pictures and information, you are permitting every person, including people off of MoreAndMost, to see and use that photos and information, including your profile and your comments.

4. It would be our appreciation of your recommendations about More And Most; however you recognize that we do not obligate to compensate you for them.

5. Also you have right to like an items that More And Most let you enough permissions, for example you could like MAM page(More And Most page) like most beautiful woman in the world 2018/2019 or most beautiful girl or most expensive house or car or something like that so you could right to like it!

3. “More And Most” and Safety:

We are doing our best to keep MoreAndMost safe, but we cannot guarantee it. It might be safer, if you follow the commitments:

  • 1- you won’t activate a third-party software comprehending dating, advertisements, and age-based limitations
  • 2- you won’t use pornographic, aggressive violence, racial prejudice pictures
  • 3- you won’t employ MoreAndMost to commit crimes, suicide, and other illegal activities
  • 4- You won’t not abuse of this Statement or our policies.
  • 5- You won’t post illegal commercial communications like spam on MoreAndMost
  • 6- You won’t exploit picture and information of other, or using robots, spiders and so on without our prior agreement
  • 7- You won’t involve in illegal multi-level marketing, pyramid scheme, on MoreAndMost
  • 8- You won’t upload warm, viruses or any harmful codes.
  • 9- You won’t access an account belonging to any user
  • 10- You won’t tormenter, threaten, or bother someone else

4. Registration and Account Security:

Users on More And Most provide their actual names and photos. There are some commitments which help you to have the security account:

  • 1. You won’t use false personal information on MoreAndMost, and make an account for other without permission.
  • 2. You won’t use MoreAndMost ,if you’re a convicted sex criminal
  • 3. you must be above 18 year old
  • 4. You will have truthful and up-to-date information and pictures.
  • 5. You won’t share your password to access other
  • 6. You won’t exchange your account to any user without our written permission.
  • 7. We have the right to delete or reclaim your username and your information, if you use picture, name, brand, and research of other people.
  • 8. With regard to some problems have been happened, We can change and remove your account and pictures
  • 9. You won’t make more than one account.
  • 10. You won’t create another account without our agreement, we inactivate your account

5. Protecting Other People's Rights:

You ought to respect other people's rights

  • 1. if you bother other users, your account will be closed
  • 2. You won’t employ out copyrights or any confusingly similar marks without our written permission.
  • 3. You won’t send anyone's documentation or financial information on MoreAndMost.
  • 4. You won’t have vicious activities that effect other user.
  • 5. If you have some problems with his/him, you can report his/him owing to intellectual property rights.
  • 6. We can delete any pictures and comments on MoreAndMost, if it is in contradiction of our polices.

6. Mobile services:

  • 1. Our services will be free of charge, nonetheless please pay attention that approve will be different in different part of the site, and if you use this site, we have not any responsibility for your internet services.
  • 2. If you have use fake email address, we do not have any responsibility for recovery your password.

7. Payments:

If you make a payment on moreandmost, you accept our Payment condition

8. Special Provisions Applicable to Developers/Operators of Applications and Websites:

Developers and operators of a Platform moreandmost website must get our written permission.

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